Discover how to mitigate the spread of the virus through COVID testing + monitoring services so employees can safely return to offices and team settings.

About the Hosts

Dr. Dominic Gaziano
Mary Smigielski


Dr. Dominic Gaziano is the author of 
A Doctor’s Guide from Pandemic to New Normal, A Doctor’s Cure for Medical Myths, Well Now! and Feel Good Health. Gaziano is also a leading COVID expert and primary care physician and director of the Body and Mind Medical Center. He discusses the latest news on COVID-19, the Delta variant, and ways to prevent the 
spread of the virus.

Mary Smigielski is a partner at Lewis Brisbois, the seventh largest law firm in the country, and head of it's Employment & Labor Practice in Chicago. She is also co-chair of the firm's Illinois Biometric Information Privacy (BIPA) Practice. She has a nationwide counseling practice that has had a signifiant focus on how employers should handle COVID-19 and returning to the office.

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Daniel Turner, MSc

Daniel Turner, is the Director of Sales at Simple Laboratories and discusses ways to mitigate COVID through PCR Pool Testing, Rapid Response Testing, and At-Home Testing Kits.  Until vaccines are available for all ages and required, Simple Laboratories wants to help students Return To Life.