Access this educational + informative webinar covering how you can return students + faculty back to classrooms safely and confidently.

About the Hosts

Dr. Dominic Gaziano
Daniel Turner, MSc


Dr. Dominic Gaziano is the author of 
A Doctor’s Guide from Pandemic to New Normal, A Doctor’s Cure for Medical Myths, Well Now! and Feel Good Health. Gaziano is also a leading COVID expert and primary care physician and director of the Body and Mind Medical Center. He discusses the latest news on COVID-19, the Delta variant, and ways to prevent the 
spread of the virus.

Daniel Turner, is the Director of Sales at Simple Laboratories and discusses ways to mitigate COVID through PCR Pool Testing, Rapid Response Testing, and At-Home Testing Kits.  Until vaccines are available for all ages and required, Simple Laboratories wants to help students Return To Life.

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